Wednesday, April 30, 2008


This is the collection of millions of files stored on thousands of servers.It is made up of hardware,software,and protocols.The web server is connected to the internet that runs the program.HTML is a language which is universally accepted by all. Here the process of storing,retrieving,distributing the files takes place.Using the image formats pictures,drawings,charts and the diagrams are displayed.It is done by using JPEG and GIF
formats. Home page is the front page.This page has links with all the contents.For sending small applications through web JAVA language is used.For 3-dimensional objects VRML is used.URL of the page always have a common prefix.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


E-mail is a asynchronous communication medium.This is very effective way to communicate.We can send a single message which includes text,graphics,video,audio to more than one recipient at the same time.This is fast and also distribution can be done quickly.It is also considered as a inexpensive one.Here fairly large delays can be overcomed easily.Mail server will handle all incoming and outgoing mails.Always Post Office Protocol(POP) server stores the incoming mails and the SMTP servers relay outgoing mails.both the server runs through the INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER(ISP).This is not the real time service.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


This is the act of capturing the packets of data flowing across the network.This is processed out by hackers who gather information in the offensive way.It is also possible to capture everything like passwords,IP addresses ,protocols etc.Sniffer is a tool to avoid this.Packet sniffers always look on to every action of the user.That is they watch everything,and log the traffic.Today's network are very much developed. They started affording many new techniques.Actually networks contain built-in sniffing tools and the modules.This is very difficult task to do,but it can be done.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


They are the rely stations in space.They are used for the purpose of transmitting video,voice and data communication. These are built using sophisticated electronic and mechanical components.As various types of media may be fused together in our digital era,this broadcasting will stay as he core of all the services.this involves four steps.They are
  1. Ground equipment will transmit he desired signal.
  2. Satellite will receive it and process it.
  3. Satellite transmit the signal back to earth
  4. Finally ground equipment will receive the signal.
These are the four steps.This experiment was a huge success.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Synchronous Optical Network is called as SONET.SONET is a high bandwidth fiber cable network.
A clock is used here for synchronizing the pulses. It uses time division multiplexing which is controlled by the master clock.the devices of SONET are
  1. STS multiplex\demux
  2. Regenerator
  3. Add/Drop multiplex
This SONET also has a frame. the frame is the matrix of 90octets*9rows.It also includes SPE called as Synchronous payload envelope.The physical links for each STS level is called as optical carrier.

Friday, April 18, 2008


In case of this fast Ethernet the bit time reduces from 100 n sec to 10 n sec.they always uses the hub.This hub is responsible for good communication.there are two kinds of hub available.They are
  • Shared hub
  • Switched hub
In shared hub all the incoming signals are logically connected to one another.Here only one station can transmit data at a time.In the switched hub,each incoming frame is buffered on a plug-in-line card.Here all station can transmit at a same time.Different types of cables can be used to improve the speed.

Monday, April 14, 2008


MEDIA is the general term used to describe the path between the sender and the receiver. a physical channel is formed between this sender and the receiver,and the communication is done with that. here medias are there.they are
  1. Bounded media
  2. Unbounded media
There are different transmission medias.Bandwidth,Noise,Radiation,and attenuation are considered while using the different transmission this transmission medium the communication will be in the form of Electromagnetic waves.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


THERE IS NOTHING BETTER IN THIS WORLD THAN OUR COOL ROOMS.We will get the happiness as soon as we enter our room. This is the true fact which is accepted by many of us.Touching our room with some fresh paint on faded walls,using the colors of light, using good colors to paint such as lemon yellow,light green,baby pink will make our room to become beautiful as well as colorful.Plants will also add a good look to our room.Keeping small pots with colorful flowers, keeping houseplants etc will add the beauty.Remember that always use a welcome color to decorate.Always put a colored cushions in your room.Paintings and Photographs will also bring the beauty.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


This is the new baseball park at Washington .this is the first green professional stadium in US.It has all the facilities and also received a Leadership of Energy and Environmental design(LEED).
the ground has all the extraordinary facilities like good soil, storm water run off facility, has all the advancements that is required for the ground to be well and good.the stadium is fully covered the roofings wherever it is needed.light is also provided everywhere.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Indians can also be apart of NASA space mission only if they take part in any international space programs or basically they are he citizen of USA.Actually they are selected on two basis. But both depends on need. One is non-piloting and the other is piloting.
In case of non piloting candidate they look for basic requirements like degree in engineering,biological science,maths,physical science or with the professional experience.In case of non-piloting the same qualification like above with some extra degree is preferred.They should have some pilot time experience.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


MULTITASKING is doing multiple jobs at a same time without any interruptions between one another.This is very good for this fast running world to get a success.Like others it is also possible up to some extent only.In fact there are many experts who say that it is difficult to do too many things at the same time.While considering the employees they may answer the mails while on the phone etc.So it may go wrong also.multitasking at the work station will lead to greater stress. There are some researches which says doing too many things at one time is less successful than doing one at a time.While doing this process one should group all the similar pages TOGETHER to move from one another easily.Regular break is needed here. The work ill succeed if and only if we know how to plan it and not stretch the brain.Always commit upto your capability.

Friday, April 4, 2008


The technology which is available help us in many ways.we can just easily adapt the ideas or facility to us.This technology help us in many ways,such as planning,writing,presenting,using the advancement to our documents technically.The main thing that we have to choose is adapting the right,good,and best among all the available sources. If we do so then surely we will be the successful one.Choosing the best among all is the difficult task to perform. Because there is a availability of many technical sources which match to our source. So selecting the suitable technology which favours us in all the directions is too much important.SO ALWAYS BE CLEAR IN YOUR PURPOSE.SELECT THE TECHNOLOGY WHICH IS VERY FAST AND EFFICIENT.ALWAYS HAVE A SUITABLE ALTERNATIVE IN HAND.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


There are four major factors that decide the quality of network.They are
On moving with reliability it is the characteristic which denotes the performance between transmission and the reception.Delay corresponds to the delay time. Then Jitter, it also deals with the variation in packets(informations).Bandwidth should be quite good in the tolerating level.
For example if we transfer a file or e-mail or accessing a web the reliability is HIGH (fast).In conferencing DELAY is HIGH.JITTER is HIGH in audio and video accession.BANDWIDTH is HIGH only with video.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


JEWELERY has a major and good role in every women's life also as a part in men's life.The new patterns are still in arrival.They also have very good feedback.Even though some people stick only on traditional designs, there are lot of youngsters who prefer to use the fashion jewellery's in gold.
There are large variety of jewelery designs and we can say that it is too difficult to choose from the sea.Even though the price of the gold is rapidly increasing day by day the people's wish is only to buy it.It is coming in colours and also with fixed stones in different colours which catch the sight of the customer.So definitely it is also one of the precious thing in this world.PLATINUM is also considered as the best one.people prefer to this too.nowadays there occurred a lot of gold and silver platted articles which has a good demand.