Monday, June 30, 2008



As we, all know about the studies and how much that is important in ones life. Actually if you see interior these studies are compared to some god according to their mythology that they follow.

Suppose if you take about the Hindu mythology that is the fact. Let us see.

Here according to the Hindu, they pray to the lord guru, because they believe that he is the god who provides a good education, memory, thought, and humanity like that. He is also considering as the symbol of piousness.

You know he is also called as the brahaspathi.

If you move just little forward, in case of Vedas this god of education is consider as a one of the planet in the space. The name of the planet is Jupiter.

The favorite colour for this planet is yellow. Then stone is a yellow topaz. You know one thing this legend has seven rays. Eight horses draw his chariot.

Sunday, June 29, 2008


WOW… now this is the time to enjoy through the sports. You see now EURO 2008 has started with good effects. Everyone is looking on screen for his or her favorite country.

All are enjoying this. This is too soon. The past one month was everything about the great IPL. So all of them are interested to that.

Now it is EURO 2008. Going seriously and everyone is enjoying the match.

We can say that next is going to be the Wimbledon. All will enjoy this too.

The people who are very much interested in the sports part are enjoying their time by looking over these.

Saturday, June 28, 2008



Here is important news for all.

We are nowadays very familiar with compact disks that are shortly called as CD. This has many features as if we carry it easily without any problem then large amount of datas can be stored inside a single disk. Changes and then corrections can be made easier. Files can be edited or deleted. So many features are here.

Now the above all facilities are available in the new one, which is meant as a carrier of data, called as BD.

This is more efficient than the CD and the DVD. It has two layers and it can hold datas upto 50GB. Since you can ask a question that, there are two layers in case of DVD also. What is the difference here? Here is the answer for your question. It is six times better than those kinds of DVD.

In today’s market, one of the good electronics called LG has introduced this in the market.

The storage capacity is too high. Today’s market rate of this BD is 29,900.

So enjoy the features happily.

Friday, June 27, 2008


As we, all know about the black berry, which is good and special because of its special features. Pearl buddy is a new comer here.

This is the latest one having all the facilities. It also includes the GPS. Here in this model there is one extra facility. This extra facility is used to find the way. We can simply say this as a map also. It also includes a fast access of net so that the process can be carried out easily. It comes with the two mega-pixel camera with the flash and 5-x zoom with a good device. This model also includes the music player that mean a media player. This is a very good model and e can use it effectively. according to my view this is one of the best model.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


This is about the friendship. We are all very much familiar about this word.

Friendship holds the part in everyone life. There are some facts that makes friendship better is known. Actually, all will say that the value of a person can be calculated by seeing his friendship. True friendship is a friendship, which will never fail. Because knowing about each other and understanding between them will create a good friendship. This kind of friendship will lead until end. Because after knowing about one another very well there will be no clash. At some situation, we must depend on our friends.

It is also not easy to find a good friendship. Because this will come until end with us if it was true. This is must because choosing the wrong will destroy the life. However
we can make that bad friendship to a good one by making them perfect.

As we all know that there is a day for friendship. It is on the first Sunday of august. this day is always celebrated by the circle of friends and i too do that. As there is one important quote is for friendship that is "True friendship is like sound health; the value of it is seldom known until it be lost." .SO have a good and be a perfect friend for your friend and enjoy life.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


This is one of the best way to communicate. As we all know that this is used for the communication purpose we all should understand that, it made our communication good and easy by taking it anywhere we go. It is like a handy and we can take it with us. It is like the normal communication that is wired network. Here also we can maintain the phone book about the calls and it includes almost every facility.I will surely say that this is fine and good. It can cover up all the facilities that one needs.

There is one example that i can say.It is here. At first actually in my residence i had a wired communication. It is placed separately and i cannot take it from there. There are many situations occurred like ,my friends will ask me for some data, but i cannot provide them faster. Since my things are at my desk, i will ask them to wait,then ill go and refer and then ill come back to tell the data. So it took more time and by going to the desk and coming again to the person in hold is very difficult.Then i heard about this facility.I bought that immediately. Now my life becomes simple and fast in case of communication.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


The drink that we are going to talk about is the great coffee. This is the type of drink that everyone prefers when they are tired. This is the type of traditional beverage that takes part in everyone life. The taste of coffee does not depend on the company or brand. It always depends on how they are brewed. Only a person who is having a proper and good skill can brew it easily and in the nice way. It also depends on how the beans are roasted and In addition, some more factors
That will help the coffeemaker to have the right blend.

Monday, June 23, 2008


YOGA is one of the important things in everyone’s life to relax themselves. This is very easy and simple and can be carried out easily. What is up with you… if you have no problem in your health then you can do the basic asana. You can do more but all need some practice before doing everything.thats important knows.

You can come out of your stress in the simple way. You just relax yourself and sit quietly for a minute with a eyes closed. This can be done for anytime until you are relaxed.

Yoga will generally strengthen your body, strengthen the spine, and then energizes your boy too. Your systems inside the body will function well.

However, there is one restriction for this, that is those who are having the injury should avoid this and they can do after consulting the doctor.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


WOW… What a beautiful world… enjoyable time… we should be proud to have all in front of us. Yes. This is true. Because will anyone wish to move away from this beautiful world. If you say yes, I cannot accept your words. One who born is to live? The beautiful nature, plants, animals, flowers, will make us to live. We should protect it. That is our responsibility.

Eco tourism is one of the important to consider here.

We are always dependent to the nature. Suppose consider an example that we are hanged in some big problem. Thinking about the same repeatedly will bring you a stress. Therefore, we can move to some beautiful places, that is the food to our eyes. It acts as the two and provides us the two. They are happiness, and make us to forget our worry. We know that the places, which look beautiful, will not laugh on seeing us. However, we will have a cute smile. That is the sign of our happiness. All can enjoy this.

Nowadays there is much tourism, which offer us many guide to know about all the places. People from the entire place, which is far or near will enjoy by spending time and then money to visit the beautiful areas.

It includes many things like a pleasant music of a birds, then colorful flowers, trees, plants, etc. so there are no words to explain the beauty of the nature. Everyone should enjoy it with a great pleasure.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Hi, this is the dazzling event and about the IIFA award. Actually, this is about the awards to the cine players. The best debutant award goes to the two good stars Deepaka Padukone and then to Ranbir Kapoor. Then the best actor award goes to Kareena Kapoor for the film “jab we met”. For the actual IIFA awards, “chake de India” received the maximum number, followed by the other two films guru and then Om shanti Om.

The best supporting actor award goes to Konkana Sen and then to Irfan Khan. This is for the film ‘life in metro’. The three-life time achievement award goes to Mumtaz, Shyam Bengal, and A.R Rahman.

This was one of the very interesting news and everyone can share it to have a pleasure.

Friday, June 20, 2008


The top seedings of Wimbledon are Federer, and Ivanovic. As we, all know that this Wimbledon is the only grand slam, which does not strictly stick on to the ranking list. It is known that India’s Sania Mirza is the 32nd seed in case of considering the women’s category.

It is also very happy to hear that Roger federer is holding the first place in this in case of men, and then on the women’s part Ana Ivanovic is holding the primary position. Roger Federer is a five-time champion. Actually, this performance account is based on the grass over of a two year of period.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


The 2010 winter Olympics will be held in Vancouver,which is in Canada. Actually you see in its bid to hast a game,there should be some more facilities.So for the purpose of this the city is adding the new buildings.They are also giving the new infrastructure that is required for the game village and venues will be a good showcase.The use the best in the green building design and the construction techniques.
The citizen of the world always deserve to know the environmental footprints.It is in such a way as the Olympics whether they are held in Beijing and British Columbia.This is the new fashion and everyone who visits this should enjoy this.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


This is the common problem which visit our mouth.It is very irritable to handle it too.There are some pupil who are facing these problems in there day to day life.
This is caused because of the improper brushing of there tooth.
if you see most of them in this case are children.Though most people commonly bring their children for irregular or broken teeth.There found a cavities in theirs.Actually it is happened due to the wrong feeding habits, and improper brushing.
It should be avoided.Because this will not only destroy your teeth,the entire health.Yes,you have to face a big prob at the future.

So try to take proper care now itself.Always have a annual check up.Eat the green salads. That will refresh your your gum and it will also nourish it.Fiber content in the food will is used to strengthen the teeth.Have a raw carrot.That is quite good.Brush your teeth properly.That will be good too.Cucumber and onion is also good for these problems.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


We use oil in our everyday life. Therefore, we should take care about this. Because increase in the level of cholesterol will produce many harmful effects. As a major cause, it will afford a heart disease.

To avoid the above we can use olive oil. Yes. Because, this olive oil contains up to 72% mono unsaturated fatty acids. It is also very much rich in the vitamin E .this acid will reduce both that is make our blood circulation and then allow heart to work silently. Therefore, no problem will come.

As we know that LDL is the bad cholesterol level and then HDL is a good cholesterol level.

The flushing out of this LDL results in the good cardiac health. Therefore, heart need not put any extra effort to pump the blood. This will reduce the strain too.

The anti-oxidants that are present in this oil do not allow the LDL to come in.

The blood pressure returns to its original level and the heart will start to function normally.

Eating that is, just taking only two teaspoon is enough to maintain good health. We can also use this to prepare any type of dish. Deep-frying using this oil will be done without any problem.

We can use this oil for our skin too. By applying gently on our skin will improve the tone and texture of the skin. The radiation from the sun can be avoided by applying this oil. As we know this oil contains vitamin E, and so it will revitalize our skin and removes the black patches.

Therefore, these are the good effects of olive oil and by using the same , we can have a good health.


Monday, June 16, 2008


This is India’s biggest pharma. This is well known by all. Now, the firm is Japanese. The deal of this values ranbaxy at about the cost of $8.5 billion. So now, this makes the daiichi sankyo as the world’s fifteenth largest pharma.

The board during the action involved the group to 10 members. Among the ten, four belongs to the ranbaxy and rest belongs to the other. Among the four in ranbaxy, its CEO Malvinder Singh is also the one. The sankyo will acquire 34.8% stake of ranbaxy CEO Family.

ACTUALLY, THIS SANKYO IS THE SECOND LARGEST FIRM IN JAPAN. This will take 50.1%in India’s largest ranbaxy. We can also say this as perfect match. The analyst accepts this too. At a price of Rs 737 per share, this daiichi is offering ranbaxy. That is an open offer for it.

Here the shares are separated as 34.82%for Malvinder Singh and family, then 19.88%for others, then 17.95% is for FII and finally 27.35% for others.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


The answers for some questions are unknown.That is something like we cannot say that when hiking the rate of the petrol-diesel will stop,like that.You see now the hot news is in order to increase the revenue and the rising demand of the petroleum products, the government imposed the additional tax.This is about to rupees 15,000 to 20,000.
It was released on last Friday.So that the multi utility vehicle and the sport utility vehicle will become rupees 15,000 to 20,000 costlier.It is also declared that no duty on cars that has the engine capacity upto 1500cc.
It is calculated that multi utility vehicle and the sport utility vehicle sell around 2.5lakh units annually.The government also imposed an export duty on iron at a flat rate of 15%.

Saturday, June 14, 2008



Ozone is a gas found throughout the atmosphere. It is highly concentrated in the stratosphere between ten and fifty kilometer above the sea level. This layer is one of the important one. Actually, life in this earth is not possible without this layer. It serves the earth as the protective layer too.

This layer will absorb all the harmful rays such as ultraviolet rays from the sun.

There are some of the recent studies, which shows that this layer got affected a lot because of the CFC ‘S which is known as chlorofluro carbons. This gas was released into the atmosphere because of the refrigerators, air-conditioners, etc. so that it too affects the







Friday, June 13, 2008


The Apple’s new iPHONE, which includes all the extraordinary facility, is quite good. Actually, we can say this as a new one in a cheaper rat with all facilities. Steven P.Jobs, who is the chief executive of apple, introduced this model. This will connect to the internet faster, also expanded its distribution overseas.
We can say is phone will definitely having a good demand all over the world. This model also includes many features and services, which will be quite useful. This phone is easy to handle, and is sleek too. the many new application included in this model is good and as a CEO ’s words denotes that this establishment of the new one from apple will enhance the company will hold the major role in the cell phone industry.
Apple has sold about six million phones throughout the market since its introduction. On seeing its price, it is fixed as $199 for 8-gigabyte model and then $299 for 16-gigabyte model. Therefore, this is not that mush expense and we can have the joy.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


This is about MR.HANDSOME.Do you want to know who is that?He is one of the star,who is well known by all..ok..
Yes,here it is about the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronalda.He is an excellent football player.He is, this year's European football champion.Actually this is not only because of his excellent skills and the performance,this is according to the US women's survey.
The Manchester united striker was voted the most handsome player of the tournament.French forward Thierry came in the second place.the third place is for two,that is shared by two.They are Italian Fabio Cannavaro,and Sweden's Freedie Ljungberg.
This title is not only for Ronalda's good look,but also for his talent too.He has is fans in Italy,German and Sweden.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Penalty is very common in today's world for some busy people or else to the poor due to some critical situation. There occurs a situation for us that will make us to react in such a way of not paying the required at the apt time.The is supposed to do by many.But doing the right thing at the right time will not create a situation like this.

Actually what is a tax?
It is the part of the amount that every citizen is affording for the growth and the development of the country.
So it should be paid on time.If we doesn't do so then we have to face a effect of paying some extra amount with the actual which is known to be penalty.So do it at a right time.Also maintain a separate file for the accounts,that will make the situation easier.Up to date audition should be maintained.

These factors no only help you in paying tax,it is very helpful if we face a big problem in the future.Try to give the accurate particulars about the income.You can also pay tax online using the facility called internet banking.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Here is one of the simple way to carry your cash or other's with you safely.Yes This is about the debit cards.Actually if we are going to buy something,either it is small or big,what we will do we will check for its benefits.Yes.Those who know the value of money will do this.It is also like this. come on,let us have some details which is helpful to all.
This debit cards are safer than cash.Why because ,you can be still cool if you lose it.Yes ,just we can make a call to the concerned bank and we can tell them about our inconvenience,so that no one can draw money from our account.It is very much convenient and comfortable to carry.It can be used throughout the world.This is readily acceptable by everyone Than any other way of transacting money.
Suppose, if we want to travel for a long distance by carrying a heavy cash,this will create a head ache till we reach the destination.Because we don't know the future.So here We can use this facility.
The process carried out to use this also quite simple.It is also very useful if we want to track all our expenses.

Monday, June 9, 2008


Are you looking for a eye glass that mean a spectacle which is one of the best?Ok.Then try this.
Here is more to carl zeissthn what meets the eye.The arrival of this German manufacturer can be seen only on ophthalmic lenses.
Zeiss lenses conform to an international standards.It has some five to ten layers of coatings. This coating is very helpful.It also acts as a scratch resistance. Cleaning is also very easy.Its is quite transparent and too durable there also occurs a two in one.That mean sunglasses cum spectacles.If we want, we can get it in the transparent nature or else in the coloured way.This is one of the new comer and in the market it is having th good demand.It also serves as the beneficial one for them those who use both the style glass as well as the power glass.Both the purposes are served as the one.It also adds a good look to us.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

EURO 2008

EURO 2008 football championship will be held in Austria and Switzerland. Actually this game was started already from june 7.The first match kicks off at the basel's st jacob park.It has its unique position on the Rhine river.

This makes it as the meeting place of Switzerland,France and then Germany.During the last week of june the entire city is filled with stalls,bands, and ride.You are also having the equally inviting cities across the border of Austria.

There is a main street called maria teresien strasse were it holds a festive look.Yes. It looks in such a way that catches our eyes.It holds a festive look with EURO flags everywhere and every cafe.The pub waits to woo football enthusiasts from across the world.It is one of the wonderful moment.enjoy this moment happily.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Information technology plays a key role in the human health. It has changed the human lifestyle completely.Many health organization are tuning to packages of solution of IT to work in the efficient manner.
They mainly involves,
So with the help of this IT packages,the data regarding the birth and the death rates,immunization and sanitation programme are mintained more accurately.It also help the doctor to monitor the health of the people effectively.The better treatment and the services to the patient can be done through the online facility.So the doctors can be consulted at any time.The maintenance of these are too good and very efficient.

Friday, June 6, 2008


Do you want to have a body, which is fit? Ok. Then go ahead.

In our multitasking life, it is very important to have a strong body. It is very easy to do so. Yes. It is true.
The major things are

1. Include super foods in your diet.

2. Balanced food fact

3. Exercise

Now your lifestyle has changed. Only by having the above all.

Actually, the natural foods provide antioxidant nutrients to protect the cereals and the tissues. Including foods like bitter guard, papaya, carrot, and celery will maintain your health good. The balanced diet provides the body with necessary vitamins and minerals. Milk should be included in the daily diet. Fat is needed by the body to build cells.

The development of muscles can be done only by this exercise. It will increase the metabolic rate and the bones become strong.

Therefore, by doing all these lifestyle will we changed like, that we can lead an active life.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Handling bags is something like handling our babies. Because nowadays there occur many chances for losing our bags or misplacing it. So always, it is better to put your name inside or outside the bag or else on the both sides. Also, give the phone number of yours in the bag. Always try to carry only less weight. Carry all your valuable things, medicines and all the travel documents, especially the tickets,keep it safe with you in your handbag.

Do not make your bag to be overstuffed. Because it may damage your bag. Keep clearly an idea that where and which side you are placing each thing inside your bag. Because it will reduce your search time. Check your bag before packing that is there any cut or hook or any damage. This will reduce the packing time. Because without checking if you proceed, then you have to pack again in some other or you have to renovate it.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


There are many situation that will make us to ask questions.But we won't ask it.The reason for this is many.Yes.We cannot predict the apt reason.Because every one has there own color.
some possible reasons are they think themselves to be wrong or they think that they are not capable for that position or due to some fear like whether questioning our boss or else our higher official will make us to be degraded or the situation arises like going out that means relieving from the job etc.It is not like that.
Actually if we see internally, definitely questioning your boss correctly is beneficial to your job as well us your career.Yes,this is the true fact.We can learn many things from them because of this.If you are capable to articulate what your career goals are,then your bass can tell you what is the experience you need to gain.So understand the situation and acting accordingly. It will make you to be the successful person.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008



This is the consumption of resources by the people. We can also say this as the organized movement of citizen and the government. It also improves the power of the buyers in relation with the sellers.

The rights of the sellers include





The buyer rights are

1. The right to buy or not to buy.

2. The right to expect the product to be safe

3. The right to expect the product to perform as claimed.

Monday, June 2, 2008


Since the solid foundation of carnatic music is the worshipful contemplation of the divinity in its various manifestations,attending a performance of the carnatic musics is like visiting a temple. it is very good and a rhythmic is also known by all that carnatic music is anchored in equal measure of rhythm and melody.also granted that this system boasts a complex rhythmic tradition.but the universality of rhythm in any system of music becomes evident only when one get exposed to diverse world musical heritage.and when the intricate rhythmic shades of carnatic music is intelligently blended by capable hands into other musical systems,the product can be unexpected and even spectacular.hearing of this kind of music will make our mind and heart to become will also make us fresh and good.the music nowadays has a good reception by all .this music has acquired the heart warming quality and lift us to the high level of excellence.

Sunday, June 1, 2008


HIGHER POWER will give us the strength to face the good and bad times also the ups and downs in one's life.It can be achieved by sitting down quietly either before going to work or late in the night and think about the particular issue.Meditate regularly which will definitely improves the concentration.The time that you spend with yourself will give the peace of mind.
Also take your own decision. This will definitely bring you the success.Always try to listen to your heart.It will surely take you to the right direction.Be it professional or personal decision always try to listen to your heart.It will never go wrong.
Always believe in honesty.If you are honest to yourself ,you will be honest to the world.So that you can walk with your head held high.Start enjoying every bit of life.
Don't get frustrated on seeing anything that was happened in your life.So in this type of situation you should make your mind to be fit to face anything.Don't get afraid and go back. Take it as a challenge and move ahead.By doing so you can deserve what you want.SO MOVE AHEAD BY WORKING HARD AND BY GIVING FULL EFFORT TO REACH THE GOAL AND TO BE HAPPY.